Monday, June 13, 2011

My 1st Official Newborn Shoot {Hansome Rowen}

Oh boy do i LOVE babies!!! This last friday {June 10th} I got to photograph my 1st newborn! Little Rowen was SO cute.  His mom kept him up for an hour before the shoot, but that little guy stayed awake for the WHOLE 2 HOURS!!!! Of course he crashed as soon as he got home LOL

I had a BLAST photographing him! I got to try out new props i had and different poses i have been DYING to try :) Like this one:
I am in LOVE with this shot! He was so good, and i love that his eyes are open :)

Another one of my favorites {that i have also been DYING to try} is the dumptruck shot:

He LOVED his binkie, so i decided to just let him have it :)

Im so happy i found this next prop!
This is a woven lid and a loop blanket from my shop Shani Dawn Photography & Prop Shop:

I was very excited to try out the new drops i got from Bits & Bobs Galore {The Check Mate backdrop and the Distressed White floor drop} I love the quality and i never had a problem with glare!!! {Highly Recommended}!!!!

Here is one last shot from our shoot:
This image is so accurate... He is such an angel! There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby and i feel so blessed that i was able to photograph him and capture this moment FOREVER!!!

Congrats again to Chelsea, Tony and Riley George for this wonderful addition to their beautiful family!!!

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